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Guide to Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Québec

  A bookseller and publisher, Ulysses Travel Guides, has published an interesting guidebook for the province of Quebec, Canada. A one-of-a-kind guide...

#Save Oleg Sentsov! Sign a petipion! Підпиши петицію!

Save Oleg Sentsov   Sign This Petition Needs 16,683 signatures by September 8, 2018 to get a response from the White House Crimean filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has been convicted...

Ten Commandments monument was unconstitutional. Constitution for Satan.

The Satanic Temple temporarily placed a bronze statue of a goat-headed, winged creature called Baphomet at the Arkansas State Capitol...

LIVE: Muslim pilgrims converge on Mecca for Hajj

More two million Muslims journey to holy city Mecca from across the world every year.    A sea of umbrellas as hundreds...

Comfortable and informative presentation. Travel through the centuries through the map!

Employees of Penn Musem (USA) have created a very handy interactive map. Thanks to her you can get acquainted with...

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